my second born girl


I love her.  She is independent and focused and creative.  She can be the happiest and the angriest, all within minutes. She is incredibly intuitive and the first to provide hugs for those in need.  I have seen her break into dance, mid-tantrum, because her little body just couldn’t ignore the music that was playing. She has fallen asleep in cupboards and in laundry baskets.  She remembers and celebrates the birthdays of her teachers and her friend’s parents.  She transcribes her spelling words into long works of art.

As I watched her set up this outdoor painting studio yesterday, I realized that she hasn’t really changed much over the years.  What an awesome grown-up she will be.


2 Responses to “my second born girl”

  1. Oh, I know that I could love her in a second. Reading about where she has fallen asleep reminds me of my youngest son. He is all grown up now and a father on his own, but what an amazing sprite he was when so little. Aren’t we so blessed to have such magical and amazing children?

  2. 2 danielle sherring

    i miss this girl! she is one amazing little firecracker and has a special little place in my heart… all three of your kids are so great megan, <3!

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