Sing You Home


A week or two ago, I received an email from the Vancouver International Writers Festival, asking if I would be willing to review a book for them (How COOL is that?!).  I replied ‘yes’ and Simon and Schuster sent me a shiny new hardcover to read!

Anyhow.  I am embarrassingly late posting this review, because Jodi Picoult will be reading from her book Sing You Home at Saint Andrew’s Wesley Church TOMORROW at 7:30pm.

Sunday, March 13, 7pm

St Andrew’s Wesley United Church

Vancouver, BC

1022 Nelson Street (at Burrard)

I have some adventures going on with the kiddies tomorrow and am hoping I will be back in time to be able to attend – because I did like the book and would love to hear Picoult speak.

Sing You Home is the story of a woman desperate to have a family, despite a horrific string of losses and challenges.  Told from the perspective of three main characters, this book had me hooked from the first few pages.

Now, I started one of Picoult’s books a few years ago.  I was sick with the flu and in need of some escapist fiction.  Unfortunately, this particular book told the story of a father dealing with the date-rape of his daughter.  You know how sometimes you just don’t feel like being sad and horrified?  I didn’t finish it.

Sing You Home wasn’t like that.  You kind of knew it would turn out well in the end.  It was like a girly John Grisham.  I was fully entertained and quick to pick up the book whenever I had a spare moment.

It also made me realize that I should really lighten-up when it comes to selecting novels.  I tend to think I either need to read a classic, or a literary prize-winner, or a work of heavy historical fiction (so that I can learn something while I am reading.).  As a result, I don’t read nearly as much as I should – which is ironic because I am the type of person to watch the same romantic comedy over and over again. Escapist watching, OK…. escapist reading, Not OK.  Sounds dumb, right?  (I watch way too many movies and Grey’s Anatomy DVDs).  Anita Shreve, Stephenie Meyer, Jodi Picoult, John Irving…. all writers of good escapist fiction.

Another reason I would like to hear Jodi Picoult speak is because she is an insanely successful and prolific writer who also happens to have three kids.  We all know how curious I am about moms who can juggle creative work and babies. So, I would like to see her in person.

Anyone want to come with me?


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