two trailers, five bikes and a dog


My dream to travel by bike with my loves came true over this past weekend.  It was short and very sweet.  We were able to travel with all of our gear and no car to Newcastle Island, just off of Nanaimo.  Our babies could definitely handle a longer trip.  So, of course my wheels are turning, planning and and scheming different routes…  The Kettle Valley Railway, perhaps?

The gear in one trailer.  The dog in the other.  There was plenty of room to accommodate, let’s say, a tired boy and his bike.  But that didn’t happen!

The tree hugger:

Summer Lovin’ (dog) was an excellent companion.  AZ and I did have to spell each other off, sitting in the “Pooch Room” on the car deck of the ferry, but overall it was no big deal.  Turns out he loves to sleep outside as much as the rest of us do. He stayed close to the campsite and, thankfully, waited until the last day to rub himself into otter poo (so we didn’t have to share the tent with a fishy poo smelling dog).

Watching E, S and W ride on and off the ferry was the best part.


2 Responses to “two trailers, five bikes and a dog”

  1. 1 Grandma

    Such a great adventure! Love seeing this.

  2. 2 Aimee

    Such fun!!! We may have to follow in your footsteps… someday.

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