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I am late with the running update!  The ankle sprain really messed with my rhythm. I did run the Marathon.  It was beautiful and everything I had hoped for…. until about mile 21.  After over 4 weeks off, I really had no idea how I would perform OR how my ankle would hold up.  Well, my ankle held up (it was weak, but ok!), but my training had suffered.  I bonked.  I walked.  I shuffle-ran across the finish line. Really not a big deal, but I am determined to claw my way back into shape and run another marathon at some point… soonish.

My sisters dominated their relay.  I think fitness-goal trips are an amazing thing to do together.  Maybe we can do a cool hike or cycling trip next?

Racing is so much fun.  Especially ones through the trails – the people, the mud, the gnarly terrain, the smell of the woods.  I ran one yesterday, grinding up the hills and laming-out on the downhills.  Yes.  I got passed big-time on the downhills!  I forgot to tape my ankle and stressed the entire time about re-injury.  So I have vowed to take this rehab thing more seriously – strength-training, icing, taping – because the nutty, marginally-controlled downhill sprints, over rocks and roots, is one of the best parts of the sport.

If you are looking for inspiration, try reading this book. I am about half-way through and am trying to figure out how to fit rambling five-hour runs into my schedule. That, and I have to cook beans more often.


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  1. 1 Kate

    Megan, that is an ace book, and here are some more titles..

    Just a Little Run around the World
    Running on Empty
    Running Through the Wall
    Feet in the Clouds

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