yarn bombed


Yarn Bombing is growing in popularity at our house, as an expression and an activity, referring to anything decorated with yarn.  This time, S’s hair, beautified in the back of the car on the way to the strawberry patch.  In addition to the braids, there is a finger-knit scarf tied around her head. Yes, S was “yarn bombed”.

E and I listened to an interview on CBC a while back, talking about this book – written and published in our own dear city:

Since then, she has kept a keen eye out for knit graffiti.  I love this.  One, that she notices it, and two, that she thinks it’s cool.  Cause it is.  I never seem to have my camera on me, but it’s out there!  We keep thinking of things to bomb, but have yet to make anything too significant (other than S’s head decor, that is).


3 Responses to “yarn bombed”

  1. 1 erin

    check out textile-artist janet morton – an old treeplanting friend of mine! wacky and amazing…e will love it!

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