almost home


Long absence here.   So much has happened over the summer…  Because we had planned to be away for all of July and August, we rented out our house.  The renting part was easy and awesome.  We found some friendly and respectful tenants and made a bit of extra cash to pay for our travels.  I would absolutely rent again. 

Unfortunately, extended-family stress at the beginning and the end of the summer made for a few extra location changes for us.  I didn’t pack for that and have had way too many bags and bits to move around and think about.  So next time: pack light and stay positive.   

Highlights:  Exploring our own city…

Taking a real vacation…

Swimming, making and exploring Canada by train! (very cool trip.  More on that another time)…

We move home in one week.


2 Responses to “almost home”

  1. 1 Amy

    I’ve missed you! Can’t wait to hear about your adventures. xo

  2. 2 erin

    happy to see you back here! looking forward to hearing about your summer adventures! xo e.

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