backpacking with babies (?!) and a general update


They aren’t really babies anymore.   W has started full-day Kindergarten. We have entered a whole new phase of familyhood.  I love it.  Really, I panicked last year, but have managed to arrange my time so that I am moving forward with my own thing, but am still able to devote myself to my loves.  All good.

We attempted our first hiking trip over the weekend.  One night, sleeping under a glacier and a waterfall at Joffre Lakes.  It was amazing.

We are mastering the art of packing light and have plans to purchase proper backpacks and lighter sleeping bags for the kids. E carried quite a bit. AZ carried the most.  Best backpacking food:  Falafel and couscous.  Oatmeal with cinnamon, sugar and rehydrated fruit.  Cucumbers travel well.

ps. In addition to working auxiliary at a local public library, I am busy these days at design school…  Yes.  I am learning to make clothes for real.  I get to take art and design and industrial sewing and pattern drafting. I have been at it since April and am having A RIDICULOUS AMOUNT OF FUN. The blog has suffered, but I do hope to keep it up. Lots of juggling balls in the air at the moment… trying to stay Zen.


One Response to “backpacking with babies (?!) and a general update”

  1. 1 Kate

    We went there for our first backpacking trip as a family – So beautiful and all of the boulders on the trail keep the little hikers entertained. We’re going to try Elfin lakes next.

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