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I am taking an art class (Illustration and Design).  I was nervous about this one because it requires intangible skills like creativity and imagination.  For my sewing and pattern drafting classes, I have to listen well, be precise and complete large amounts of homework.   For this one, I have to draw (eek!) and prove inspiration.  Thankfully, I […]

felted sweaters


I love them.  Armwarmers.  Some neighbourhood friends came over to make mittens last Friday.  On Saturday morning, the kiddies jumped into the scraps. The sweaters were felted in the washing machine.  Hot cycle (three times).  I put mine into a pillowcase with a bunch of balls and a tennis shoe (this helps agitate). Each sweater […]


So funny.  We are in the process of trying to make these Creepy Face Changers.  As per usual, I have bulldozed ahead and made some mistakes (cutting the mouths wrong! arg!)…  No matter, they’ll be awesome.  In the meantime, we have discovered the joy of mixing features. S with W’s eyes and mouth: Creepy, right? […]



I have photos to post and updates to make.  This for now.  My love, harvesting… Happy weekend to you all.