starting back in


After such a long absence, I am not really sure where to start. First impressions of Cali will come, but we’re not really there yet. I did visit Colombia last week. It was beautiful and different and hot and challenging and, yes, a wee bit scary. Traffic is nuts. That, and we will have to learn Spanish as quickly as we can to stave off homesickness. Caleños are very warm and busy… and chatty.  And of course I have my eye on art and design schools…. which means that I will want to be able to learn in Spanish too.

So of course, now that I am back in Vancouver during my absolute favourite season, I am convinced that this is the most beautiful city on earth, with the mountains, the ocean, clean air and everything we could need or want. Figures, right?  So we are soaking it up…

The Mountains:


Community lovin’ (do you see her?!):

and so much more that our own ‘hood has to offer… before we venture out of our comfort zone to experience the world together.


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  1. 1 Mom

    Great to have you back to your blog!

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