the woods



My muscles are angry… or happy?? Sore anyway. I ran the Iron Knee yesterday. About 21-22 kilometres through the gnarly woods. It was very very fun. More than once, I had to laugh out loud, literally leaping downhill through the forest. I love the North Shore woods. I think this will be the single biggest thing I will miss about living in this neighbourhood. It is a paradise for trail runners and their dogs. Clean air, tall trees, moss-covered everything and lots of roots and rocks to navigate.

However, because I have been a bit preoccupied closing-up life here, my training has been on the slack side. My mileage has been OK, but my intensity lacking. It took about eight kilometres before I felt really comfortable and, by the end, I was stumbling over just about everything. Fast enough, but could be faster with training and commitment. I always seem to feel this way after a race. So elated and eager to improve.

So Cali…. the trails are supposed to be plentiful and beautiful, but not necessarily safe for a lone woman and her fluffy white dog. I have contacted a couple of international schools, looking for expat teachers to run with. Learning Spanish is going to happen regardless, so I was hoping to find English speakers to run with while I am getting settled. Lame perhaps, but I have a hard enough time chit chatting in English while I am grinding up those hills!

My current companion… and North Vancouver mountain cougar repellant:


Muddy, but happy (like his mama).


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  1. 1 AZ

    Your companion looks very threatening!

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