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lolling about


The hammock in our “living room” is very popular.  Especially on these relaxed summer days. Summer Camp starts on Tuesday.  The kids are pretty keen to make some friends. Advertisements

and we made it


We made it.  It felt like a long process, preparing to move and saying goodbye to all of our loved ones.  AZ moved nine weeks before me and the kids, so I was treated to all kinds of dinners and coffees and parties and childcare as I packed and closed-up our life in Vancouver.  It […]

like dogs


I think everyone will be happy when we stop this moving business. AZ left two months ago, so I have been working my babies like dogs, prepping the house: and getting them to parent each other: Good, I suppose, but it would be much nicer if we could have AZ with us. Though, Skype-AZ is […]