and we made it


We made it.  It felt like a long process, preparing to move and saying goodbye to all of our loved ones.  AZ moved nine weeks before me and the kids, so I was treated to all kinds of dinners and coffees and parties and childcare as I packed and closed-up our life in Vancouver.  It was busy and likely exhausting for those who helped and feted us the most, but I am so glad we had that time.  I hope we didn’t leave too many loose ends! I fear we have neglected some major Revenue Canada requirement and will be killed by some nasty tax next year! Hope not!

Our “Goodbye BC” trip.  A little Galiano, Salt Spring and BC Ferries time.  It was beautiful, but cold… and a little squishy in our two-man tent:



So much to share, and I am sick of myself on Facebook, so I am forcing myself back onto the blog.  I won’t put everything up here, but enough to keep friends and family updated and to create an archive of some of our time here.

Summer Lovin’ the dog, survived the flight. Three flights and 18 hours in his crate!  AZ and I would cringe every time we hit turbulence, took-off and landed, thinking about our pup, stuck in a box, in the dark, in the belly of the plane. The airline told us to leave an empty water bowl in the crate and that they would fill it – except, they didn’t. Summer was totally dehydrated!  Next time, we will train him to drink from a hamster bottle or some such thing.  He has been lovely for the past few days, staying close and seemingly unaware that we have landed in foreign territory.

I haven’t been able to run yet.  AZ has to leave the house at 5:30am and I am pretty much glued to the kids during the day, so I’ll have to give it a shot over the weekend… or at least find a treadmill. I will be carless and without a license for a few more weeks, so I’ll have to suck it up and either run at 4:30am, or fall out of shape.  Running in the evening won’t work either, as it is too dark and the traffic is nasty…  no sidewalks, you see.

The kids are happy.  A little bickery, but otherwise OK.  S and W are registered for a summer camp at the school – three weeks of half-days, cruising Cali in a school bus, visiting the zoo, a bakery and a bunch of other places.  I think they’ll be glad for the break from their naggy mama (“clean up _____”, “unpack _____”, “Please bring me _____!”).  We are still waiting to hear if E can do a sports camp and still working out which days we’ll spend with our Spanish tutor. There is much to figure out, but no real rush.  It turns out that school starts later than I had thought – the end of August, not the middle! So, for now, we are enjoying the pool and settling in with the stuff we hauled down here on the airplane – nine big bags!

The kids finally noticed the field of cows next door:


One cool thing: we have been here for two and a half days and have already had help come knocking on the door!  Referred to us by our neighbours, we may have already found house help and a gardener!!  “Lah di dah”, you might say, but it’s pretty common to have help down here, and I hope to enjoy it.  Nice people, not live-in, and able to take care of all of those things I am either sick-of (laundry, floors) or simply don’t do (ironing AZ’s shirts, pruning palm trees).  Sigh… big change.

So, that’s pretty much it for a first update. We have many plans and much going on, so I am not sure how often I will get here.  Not every post will be this long though. I promise!

Grocery shopping is so very awesome.  Guanabana and strawberry drinkable yogurt pops, with chopped mango:



2 Responses to “and we made it”

  1. 1 saltchronicles

    I can’t believe you’re really there. Eating Guanabana (I have NO idea what that is, but it sounds delicious), and swimming in pools next to fields of cows. So cool. Please post long and post often. I love reading about your adventures. (This is Amy O, by the way. . . .can’t figure out how to change my comment name.)

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