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and we study


W and S’s summer camp finished yesterday. It seems that many Caleños know enough English to make it easy for us to cheat (you know, get by without Spanish). S an W like to talk about how “everyone knows English”, so they don’t even have to learn Spanish (ack!!). Except they did learn a few Colombian folk songs… so […]

watering hole


The trick is to get there early and find a spot as high upstream as possible. This place is about ten minutes from our house. It is pretty great. This section of the river has a small town running up beside it, with little restaurants and tiendas selling empanadas, deep fried plantains with cheese, and streetside-made taffy […]



and lots of it. It is one of the perks of living in this climate. I do miss cold. I am one of those crazy Vancouverites who has always loved the rain. Fresh, clean air and the smell of wet leaves.  For now, I am enjoying the perks. Like juice. I am still coming to […]

Mio freedom


Cali’s relatively new public transit system, the Mio, runs right outside of our housing complex. Our Spanish tutor took us on a field trip last week, explaining the ins and outs of Mio travel and giving me a little boost of confidence with regard to exploring Cali on my own. Expat views on city safety […]

pecho con pecho


Body stamping en Español.  We have a wonderfully creative Spanish tutor.  Last week she had the kids painting themselves with themselves, using all of the words we have learned for colours and body parts.  It was funny. They stayed green for a few days afterwards. As someone who has tie-dyed more than a few friends […]

Valle de Cocora


I suspect our life here will be full of epic weekends. AZ used to tease me about being a Vancouver native. He had a theory that people born in Vancouver don’t venture out of their comfort zone in the same way that the ‘imports’ from Ontario do (or Onterrible, as I like to call it. […]

How did these come about? And when? I think about the builder, smiling in the sunshine, stamping different patterns all over town.