Mio freedom


Cali’s relatively new public transit system, the Mio, runs right outside of our housing complex. Our Spanish tutor took us on a field trip last week, explaining the ins and outs of Mio travel and giving me a little boost of confidence with regard to exploring Cali on my own. Expat views on city safety vary widely. I have been told not to walk the city streets at all and have been shown some pretty fabulous rough-around-the-edges markets. I don’t plan on heading into the rougher parts alone or after dark, but I do hope to explore my new city in its’ many forms, as best I can. I won’t wear gold or carry a fancy bag, and I am not known for a tidy appearance… so hopefully I won’t attract too much attention.

Our quiet and tidy little complex, with a view of the Farallones:

Me and Edu ventured out on the Mio alone today. We recharged our bus passes and came home with groceries. Freedom!


One Response to “Mio freedom”

  1. 1 AZ

    The craziest part is that those little mountains in the back yard are twice the elevation of Whistler.

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