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I owe a school post. I know. I just need to take a few good photos of the uniforms. Quick update: It’s amazing. I feel very lucky. The girls love it. For now, mangoes.  We have two trees worth coming.  Jam, chutney and sorbet, I think. It’s going to be mayhem. The dropped ones get faces: […]



Last weekend was our last long weekend before the girls started school.  Being a little nervous about the school workload for the kids, we decided we should take advantage of this holiday in particular to go see something further afield. AZ took two days of holiday, so we had five full days together. Eight hours of driving […]



Too much to write about. Hikes, a five-day trip to Medellin, the first day of school (!!)…. all great stuff.  Today though, you get butterflies. Most of these shots are from a hike we did last month, with two other families, in the Nirvana Nature Reserve. It was totally beautiful and about a one hour’s […]

the work


I haven’t written about AZ’s job yet. I mean, aside from the fact that I would have ventured almost anywhere at any time, AZ’s job is the main reason we are here. AZ is much more conservative when it comes to picking up and moving our life… he had to have a JOB to go […]

I don’t think it was because I am white, necessarily, because I am actually quite tanned (despite my efforts with sunscreen). I think it was more because I was beet red. I ran a half marathon yesterday. Closer to the end of the race, I heard lots of random English words directed at me, including […]

board games


I’ve had patchy help over the years, first when I was still working as a librarian and later when the three-baby thing got hairy and I farmed the youngest off to a crazy old lady’s house for a day a week. Now, I have help with the cleaning and laundry stuff. Yes. It rules. I’ll […]

evening meal


Local fare is yummy. Really, anything with cilantro and a squeeze of lime is yummy, right? We are having a hard time adjusting to the large lunch, light dinner way of things around here. Well, AZ is managing OK, because he often eats with colleagues at work. The trouble is, I just can’t get my […]