We debated whether or not to ship our stuff from Vancouver. It was expensive and, for people who like to travel light, it was tempting to pick up and move to Colombia with only the bare necessities (bohemian, minimalist, mattress-on-the-floor type-living). Our choices were to sell our crap, store our heirlooms and haul ten fully packed bags down on the airplane… OR sell some crap, store a few things (my wedding dress, our ski stuff) and bring the rest down on the plane AND in a big shipping container. In the end, we opted for the shipping container.

It arrived over the weekend.

Though we are still unpacking boxes, we are over-the-moon about having our ‘life’ and toys with us. AZ and I have spent twelve years building a household together… finding the perfect craft-fair rolling pin, refinishing dressers, building bookshelves and amending furniture we found in alleyways. All of that stuff adds up to a house full of special.

And still, after weeding out the real crap in Vancouver (thank you Craigslist), it has not been overwhelming to unpack down here. So in the end, I think we made the right decision. We have not had to run off to the shops to buy cheap substitutes for things we might have left at home. The kids have their bikes, soccer nets, Lego and Keva Planks. And one day, we’ll forget about the shipment bill.

The best thing to unpack has been our fridge pictures. In Vancouver, it was populated with comics, magnets and loved ones in Ontario. Now, we have added our loved ones in Vancouver! It is going to fill-up quickly, I think.  And don’t worry, if you are missing here, you are on the other side of the fridge. I promise:


2 Responses to “shipment”

  1. 1 AZ

    My fave “loved one” is the smallholder coffee farmer!

  2. Looks like home! It must feel so good. Was your sewing machine in that container?

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