Last weekend was our last long weekend before the girls started school.  Being a little nervous about the school workload for the kids, we decided we should take advantage of this holiday in particular to go see something further afield. AZ took two days of holiday, so we had five full days together.

Eight hours of driving (each way) was a little hairy with three larger-sized babies in the back. That, and I have to admit, two months of nothing-but-each-other has made us pretty short on patience with one another.  I am sure my new neighbours (and Spanish tutor) think I am the most uptight, short-fused mother alive, but that’ll pass (I hope).  Now more than ever, I appreciate a good community of friends, neighbours, programs and projects to keep us inspired, occupied and off of one another.  Thankfully, the girls have just had their first full day at school and I miss them! It’s wonderful!!! (W and I are making a paper maché sun piñata for S’s birthday. Pictures to come if it works out).

The Colombian countryside is stunning:

Medellin was way cooler than I had expected.  Efforts to rebuild the city after decades of violence are evident everywhere.  My favourite was the public transit cable car running up into one of the poorest districts of the city.  A beautiful new library has been nestled into the hillside, offering programs and services to residents.  The cable car extends even further up the hill, to a larger look-out and hiking trail area. So, not only do residents now have a library and public transit that enables them to commute back and forth from the city centre, they have scads of people coming up the hill to visit the park and take-in views of the city.  Restaurants and little tiendas appeared to be getting lots of customers.

El Poblado, Plaza Botero and the Orquideorama at the Botanical Garden… all beautiful.

This recent article in the New York Times explains a little bit about the social and architectural transformation of Medellin. After visiting the Botero sculptures, I couldn’t help but reminisce about my favourite laughing men at home:


7 Responses to “Medellin”

  1. 1 Pat Hunter

    Megan, we love reading all your updates, what a FANTASTIC opportunity for your family. Hope the kids enjoy their new school, they will be fluent in spanish before you know it… will have to work hard to keep up with them!

  2. I love that library. I want to teach Cici to say “Mi Mama Es Fantastica!” And I want E’s shoes. xo

  3. And. . . that library totally looks like the Black Diamond in Copenhagen. Do you remember that place? Loved it.

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