We have found a great soccer club nearby. Run by a really nice family (the dad is our school swim coach), it has become part of our new support system.  W and E both play – W with a bunch of hard core five and six year olds and E with about five girls, ranging from age seven to her eleven.  For some reason, soccer isn’t as popular with the girls here (most dance or play tennis). E likes that she gets to be one of the few girl fútbol players, but feels a bit silly when her team plays against W’s during practice. Regardless, I am so proud of her for working hard.

We were patchy soccer participants at home, mostly because AZ and I lacked commitment to the whole team-sport thing and the kids did not seem to care either way.  Now though, it is pretty fun. It’s social, healthy and a totally new cultural experience for all of us – they don’t eat oranges during half-time (something about the acid and the sunshine?), but there is a small Coca Cola refreshment stand selling empanadas and aguapanela.

We laugh about the new words they are going to bring to family matches at home… “Aquí! Aquí!”, “Más duro!” “Pasar!” and something like, “Peguele, peguele” and “Wegele!” (not sure, but I think they mean “kick, kick” or “play, play”… I will have to remember to ask).

W has figured out that, as goalie, you don’t have to run as much. He’s getting pretty good and loves to show off his drop-kicks:

We hang out here a few times a week.


3 Responses to “fútbol”

  1. 1 Hubert

    Pegar is to hit. (the ball, I hope), pegele or Pegale.
    Jugar is to play- often to pass, juegelo or juegalo.

  2. 2 Diego

    How do you say in English when a player tries to trick another player and keep with the ball trying to score? I´m from cali too :)

  3. 3 Ilse Zandstra

    Running around in that heat is ‘barbaro’! Ilse

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