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costumed ones


Halloween! Our condominium complex is having a party tonight. Thirty-three houses, with maybe half of them inhabited by trick-or-treaters. Actually, I am still not sure if there will be trick-or-treating (this would have been a really good question for a mom to ask, leading up to Halloween). Our neighbours across the street have only recently moved from […]



All Hallows’ Eve and the night before I fly to New York City to run the marathon. I hope. My sisters and parents are meeting me there to cheer me on. I have some guilt about touristing around a town so soon after a hurricane… but really, I have been training for and looking forward to this for […]



Two mango trees. One is dumping beautiful mangoes all over the ground and the other looks like it’s going to fall over from the weight of mangoes still to come.  We have been giving lots away and making stuff to keep.  First up, mango pineapple jam: Next, margaritas…. OUTSTANDING (AZ might have to fill us in on […]

I have to bury my cranky posts in some happy ones. We have had some good days, including the return of AZ from over four weeks of off and on travel. He is inspired by work, but was missing us terribly of course! E and S received some excellent mid-term feedback from school and everyone […]



Thank you for all of your great notes after my last lame post, guys.  It is very nice to know that I still have friends. I try to keep this site positive, mostly because I want to remember everything that way.  That said, I also think it’s important to be honest about things too.  And, honestly? All […]

a happy place


So the enormity of this move is hitting me… us. Vancouver is three flights away and my kids miss their cousins and friends. AZ and I have recently realized that we might only have a couple of friends who we don’t pay to hang out with us (the housekeeper, Spanish tutor and ball boy at […]

perro caliente


Served with potato chip bits on top, my babies are big fans. AZ is traveling and I forgot to feed them lunch… (which seems to be happening more and more these days – the traveling and the underfeeding, that is). We were happy to have cheap eats handy.