a happy place


So the enormity of this move is hitting me… us. Vancouver is three flights away and my kids miss their cousins and friends. AZ and I have recently realized that we might only have a couple of friends who we don’t pay to hang out with us (the housekeeper, Spanish tutor and ball boy at the tennis courts). Don’t laugh!

I think the kids down here are getting tired of translating for mine at school. The novelty has worn off and my lovelies now just have to fit in. W and E in particular, are lonely. I have been ‘parenting’ like never before and am using every ounce of love, support and patience I can muster. Today was great though – rather than bickering, my babies played creatively and beautifully together, all day – like they are finally getting that they have to have each other’s backs in all of this. It was so great to see.

So, there it is! We knew this was coming! It’s time for us to think up some strategies and get excited about some new things. Like hikes and trips and visitors and… my outside sewing place:


Halloween is big down here, so we were busy sewing costumes this week. (I will have to post again about Willem’s projects – he is determined to master that machine).

And, on another positive note, this new language might actually sink in! W is speaking Spanish to the dog and I no longer need Google translate to speak to the soccer administrator. Baby steps.

AZ has been traveling for three out of the past four weeks. The kids were off school for one of those weeks. Can you tell I am missing my co-parent and traveling partner? I’m not yet comfortable enough in Cali to venture far with three kids and only two hands, so we haven’t been downtown or to the watering hole. Sigh… at least it’s cool today. And AZ comes home in two sleeps… with presents.

No more complaining, but I thought I’d document where we are at.


5 Responses to “a happy place”

  1. Aww Meg. I love this post. I love all your posts. I don’t comment often, but I check your blog everyday. I figure I want/need to live a little bit through you because you take these amazing risks in life that lead to amazing adventures and I’m a totally jealous but totally terrified at the thought.
    xxoo to you all.

    • :) this made me feel better. Thanks Aim. Am feeling my risks are a bit nuts these days… AZ comes home tonight – in Van, this would’ve been the perfect week for drinks out with the girls!!

  2. 3 Diego

    I like your posts about my city. I´m a Spanish language teacher (siembro.com) but i Live in Lisbon, please free to ask anything. Go to Darien, I used to like it, Lago Calima. Try the Farallones park.

    • 4 Faraway

      Just a few more hours until I head to the airport. I better get shopping – good thing I checked the blog!

    • Thanks Diego – Lake Calima for sure… And I heard something about flying monkeys near there?!

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