Two mango trees. One is dumping beautiful mangoes all over the ground and the other looks like it’s going to fall over from the weight of mangoes still to come.  We have been giving lots away and making stuff to keep.  First up, mango pineapple jam:

Next, margaritas…. OUTSTANDING (AZ might have to fill us in on the recipe, right? Especially when he takes off on business again. I am going to have to know how to prepare these for myself):

And, last night, Vij’s Mango Mint Chutney.  This cookbook is one of my absolute favourites. Not only is the chutney raisin-free, but it has a number of recipes that my kids like too. I have only been to Vij’s restaurant once, mostly because it has a ‘no reservations’ policy that requires patrons to wait hours for a table. I have always thought this was a harsh policy, generating a pretentious vibe and disrespecting the lives of tired parents who have to hire babysitters to go out at night (time and money! time and money!).  That said, their food is excellent and they have done amazing things for local, slow-food culture in Vancouver. Sorry, that was soap-boxy, but it has always bothered me.  Any thoughts on the pros of this policy?  I do like the way Vij himself circulates through the room and offers ‘welcome snacks’ to people waiting. This is a friendly touch. And maybe the line-up is supposed to encourage people to make time, embrace the evening and enjoy the ambiance? I am not sure.

I found mint in the garden too:

This is it, so far. Please, send your ideas along!  I may even haul preserves home for you on the airplane.


4 Responses to “mango”

  1. 1 Diego

    Wow, those margaritas… yummy. And I love indian food (are tehre may restaurants there? I´´ll leave you my fav recipe: Agua de Cali (my take of the Spanish one). Mix in a mixer half glass of champagne (or Cava), half glass of vodka or gin and a full glass of mango juice. Mix all of it and add broken ice. Top it with mint leaves (measures for 2). For the kids: colombian soda (gas water), mango juice and a measure of condensed milk. In Andalucia they add condensed milk to the adult version but Im not too keen. Hope you like it.

  2. Can you cut them into strips and dry them? My kids love dried mango.

  3. 3 Ilse Zandstra

    A word of caution: be careful not to overindulge in mango. It is a relative of poison ivy and you can get a sensitivity and never be able to eat it again. This happened to Dr. Lampe in the Philippines. As always, moderation is best. Ilse.

  4. 4 Andre

    Omg. So may new ideas to try. Mom, way to put a damper on our Mango consumption. We had to resort to Lime (only) margs tonight. I think I was averaging about ten mangoes a day until this point.
    Another favourite is mango-viche. Thin strips of green mango doused with salt and lime. Yummy yum yum.

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