costumed ones


Halloween! Our condominium complex is having a party tonight. Thirty-three houses, with maybe half of them inhabited by trick-or-treaters. Actually, I am still not sure if there will be trick-or-treating (this would have been a really good question for a mom to ask, leading up to Halloween). Our neighbours across the street have only recently moved from Spain, where they didn’t celebrate Halloween, so they can’t really tell me what to expect. Maybe fireworks? Music? I don’t know, but I have bought some treats just in case. I do know that I am the only house with a carved pumpkin. Many other folk have decorations, but I have only seen plastic pumpkins thus far. I will keep you posted! E, S and W seem to think that it will be Halloween-as-usual around here.

Here are some shots of my babies in their costumes. I did not post these with my last post, because I don’t like the look of Hipstamatic pictures alongside regular ones. Silly perhaps, but that’s why you get two posts today! Also, I am getting a bit tired of the Hipsta-look, but these are the best images I have at the moment.

Max, Caperucita Roja and Katniss:


One Response to “costumed ones”

  1. 1 betty

    I’m really looking for ‘left handed scissors’!

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