All Hallows’ Eve and the night before I fly to New York City to run the marathon. I hope. My sisters and parents are meeting me there to cheer me on. I have some guilt about touristing around a town so soon after a hurricane… but really, I have been training for and looking forward to this for so long… I really don’t have it in me to cancel. I am going to let the airlines decide. It could be mayhem.

Crossing my fingers and enjoying my tropical pumpkin in the meantime:


2 Responses to “eve”

  1. 1 HUbert Zandstra

    I hope all works out for your marathon. The pumpkins should do well. I remember the “ahuyama” growing under the corn planted by campesinos. They would fill out and ripen after the corn harvest. Like the crooked teeth on your halloween pumpkin!!

    Good Luck. We’ll keep our fingers crossed!

  2. You’re going! Good decision. I hope it all goes smoothly. It’s sure to be a memorable trip. I’ll be thinking of you this weekend. Run like the wind. xo

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