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My mom and niece P are here. So excellent, and nice to know that everything just picks up where we left off… My dad arrives on Sunday. E, especially, is glad to have her beloved friend around. They are so natural together, staying up late to swim and chat, making plans and projects… No more […]



One of the baby chicks died. Sad, but not surprising. I think they were only a few days old. Really, so little for so much change. We had heard that chicks can die of loneliness, so I went into a bit of a panic that we would lose the other one soon, if we didn’t […]

Getting chickens was one of those things I liked to talk about, almost like a joke, half-sure that I would actually work up the nerve to do it. In theory, I love it – having the kids participate in raising birds and producing our own eggs. It was all I could think about after reading […]



I have raved about the school already. The kiddies are insanely busy swimming, playing fútbol, doing homework, going on field trips and preparing for assemblies and concerts. The best part is that, though they collapse into bed every night, they love it. A couple of days ago, I had all three kids jumping into their […]

to market


I never thanked Diego and Leah for their mango ideas. We have a whole other tree on its way, so I will be sure to use them. Thank you! Halloween and NYC sort of got in the way, I think. For the most part, Cali grocery shopping takes place in grocery stores, like home. My […]



A sweet visit with my parents and sisters… The race was canceled. It was a good decision. I had been in denial for those few days before, telling myself that the damage wasn’t so bad and that New Yorkers wanted us there as a symbol of spirit and resiliance. We double checked our hotel booking […]

It was better than I had hoped. Slushy machine, haunted house (10X10 tent), train ride, great music, dancing and wild unsupervised trick-or-treating (one of the benefits of living on a gated compound with roaming security guards). E trick-or-treated barefoot. I sat on a speed bump, drinking a gin and tonic. The “train” was pulled by […]