One of the baby chicks died. Sad, but not surprising. I think they were only a few days old. Really, so little for so much change.

We had heard that chicks can die of loneliness, so I went into a bit of a panic that we would lose the other one soon, if we didn’t source a companion or two.

So yesterday, after much Googling and Google Translating, I decided not to drive one hour north to the one pollito sales shop I was able to locate online. Instead, I drove ten minutes south to a small town with a rural edge to it.

Beginning with a parking attendant at the grocery store, I asked a number of townsfolk where I might find a “pollito para mi pollo solitario” (a chick for my lonely chicken… or something close to that anyway). This led to a bit of aimless driving (I get lost after a few too many “izquierdas” and “derechos”), in a town with many one-way streets and a lot of nutty motorcycles with helmetless people on them. I did not hit anybody, thank goodness!

But I did finally end up here:

The birds were bigger than mine, and UGLY, but I felt I had no choice (lonely chick at home and all). I bought two one-month old chickens, some food and a water container for 13,000 pesos (about $7 Canadian). Layers. Can’t loose, right?! I just have to work up the guts to actually handle them myself!

Much to my surprise, S the Rock Star was the first to handle them (when they did some scary flapping out of our baby brooder). Month-old chicks can fly, apparently.

E, who was not pleased about their appearance initially, was won over later when we set everyone up in Summer’s dog crate. “Mavis” and “Joon” do have their own unique charm, once you get to know them.

It turns out that E’s “Posy” has adopted her as “Mummy”. It runs into her hands whenever the crate door is open.

And Summer lurks around the crate, completely baffled as to why his “bed” has been taken over by birds. Poor guy! I think they’ll be in there for at least a month or two.

All-in-all, we are having a lot of fun. Last night, AZ and I hung out for an hour past our bedtime, playing with them, taking photos and soothing Summer. And little Posy seems quite content with her new friends.


7 Responses to “pollitos”

  1. 1 Hubert

    What a nice story!! What courage to go to that pueblito and what great reward!

  2. 2 Ilse Zandstra

    children’s song: :”Los pollitos dicen pio pio pio. Cuando tienen hambre, cuando tienen frio”

  3. You must, absolutely MUST, start taking notes for the travel memoir of your time there. This story is GOLD! It reminds me of some of the crazy, foolhardy trips I took when we lived in Europe…but yours is even braver and nuttier.

    I love reading your blog.

  1. 1 pollitos: round two « left-handed scissors

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