visitors, sickies


My mom and niece P are here. So excellent, and nice to know that everything just picks up where we left off… My dad arrives on Sunday.

E, especially, is glad to have her beloved friend around. They are so natural together, staying up late to swim and chat, making plans and projects…


No more for now. Unfortunately, we have also been visited by a mild flu bug. We are all still up and about, but are battling waves of lethargy, congestion and fever.


2 Responses to “visitors, sickies”

  1. 1 Pat Hunter

    Megan, glad to hear that Mom & Penny arrived safely. Hope you are all feeling better really soon! Love reading all your posts.

  2. 2 Hubert Zandstra

    Hope the “bug” disappears soon. It must be great to have so many of the family together.

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