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some sad news


Posy, Mavis and Joon are gone. Like really gone. One day last week, I woke to find little Posy, soaking wet, pecking frantically at the sliding doors. I went to put her back into the coop and found that the chicken wire had been pushed though at the bottom and Mavis and Joon had gone […]



My kiddies finish school today. They get almost a full month of holiday! We will spend a couple of weeks here and a couple of weeks exploring the Caribbean Coast. AZ’s parents are here now, so the next couple of weeks will be full of more showing-and-telling and Christmassy activities. Over the past week, the kids have each […]

They are like hamsters, just a little less cuddly and way less keen to hide under stuff. Mavis, Joon and Posy (or Poser, we are not sure yet) are truly “chicken” it seems – and don’t wander far from their pen – which is nice for me as I still haven’t worked up the guts […]

tree in a pot


We haven’t been able to find a cut tree here in Cali – only potted or plastic. So, rather than hitting-up a local nursery for a new potted plant, we were lucky enough to find a reasonable option already sitting in the backyard. It’s a funny shape, but the perfect density. I have written about […]

the visit


A lot of activity over here… a four-day trip to Salento and a lot of showing-and-telling around Cali. Mom, Dad and P have been great sports, eager to learn and try everything. P, especially, has been a champ, jumping into rivers, braving thunderstorms and tasting whatever we stick in front of her. I think/hope they […]