some sad news


Posy, Mavis and Joon are gone. Like really gone. One day last week, I woke to find little Posy, soaking wet, pecking frantically at the sliding doors. I went to put her back into the coop and found that the chicken wire had been pushed though at the bottom and Mavis and Joon had gone missing. At first, I thought they had escaped and I went looking all over the compound for them. Then, upon closer inspection of the coop, I found a whole bunch of little black feathers scattered on the ground. We (me and a helpful security guard) decided that they had been eaten by something. The guard thinks it was a “chucha” – or in English, an opossom.

For a couple of nights, we put Posy back into Summer’s crate, inside the house. Then we moved her outside, still in the crate, but with the floor removed so she could enjoy the grass and bark mulch. Unfortunately though, that same night, something took her too. We found the door of Summer’s crate open and a whole bunch of tiny yellow feathers on the ground.

Chuchas do seem to have dextrous little paws, but really?! Summer’s crate is pretty solid. We are sad… and feeling a little burned, especially when we see so many fully grown chickens around, running and thriving on the streets. I guess the sad thing is that ours were captive, and couldn’t really run for their lives.

Sigh… we have decided not to get new ones until after the holidays. And even then, I think we are going to wait until March or April so we don’t miss any egg-laying action while we are in Vancouver over the summer (ahem… and so that we have time to build a really skookum coop).

Poor, poor babies. I am so very sorry we couldn’t keep you safe.



One Response to “some sad news”

  1. oh! So sad! Maybe this gives you time to arrange for an Eglu to be shipped to Cali?

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