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Amazing, right? Sometimes they have eighty-eights, sometimes eighty-nines (or sixty-eights). One day last month, there were at least six of them, flying around the compound pool. Diaethria neglecta. Advertisements



This past Sunday, we were invited to an Argentinian-style barbecue, commonly referred to as an asado. It was a small, relaxed party, where guests milled about around an open fire pit, drinking beer and watching meat cook. Such a great concept – casual, participatory and delicious. AZ has asked for a grill for his birthday. […]



In an effort to find my ‘thing’ down here in Colombia, I have been learning as much as I can about local textile production. As some of you know, I was enrolled in design school back in Vancouver. When we moved, I withdrew from the program halfway through. I had pretty much finished the patternmaking […]



We arrived home late last night. The babies were at school by 7:15 this morning. The dog has been picked up, W and I have been to speech therapy and E and S are just now getting acquainted with their new violin teacher.  Talk about jumping back into the deep end!  Everyone is a bit crusty (myself included), […]