We arrived home late last night. The babies were at school by 7:15 this morning. The dog has been picked up, W and I have been to speech therapy and E and S are just now getting acquainted with their new violin teacher.  Talk about jumping back into the deep end!  Everyone is a bit crusty (myself included), and I am wondering if my New Years resolution to step up on the exercise and step back on happy hour can just wait a day or two longer…

After two weeks of traveling, one lovely week with AZ’s parents and one on our own, we got into a nice little rhythm. We settled into our grime and figured out who needed what and when, and who liked what and why. Colombia is a fabulous country, with so much colour, history, creativity and natural beauty.


Some highlights:

Snorkelling. It was a bit hairy at first, but the kiddies did get the hang of it and ended up spending most of their beach time face-down in the water.


See what I mean?


Cartagena. We visited museums, browsed shops, ate street food and joined a late-night public Zumba class (AZ, Oma and E, that is).





Beer and fish:


An actual cock fight, more beach time and a few Colombian boys, scaring the bejeepers out of me with their crazy river antics (they amped it up after I yelped in fear a few times):





And our final destination: where the Rio Piedra meets the Caribbean Sea. We watched a surfing competition on one side and snorkelled in the river on the other… sigh…




We stayed in a hostel (ahem, see the view above), but the campsites nearby are quiet and beautiful – definitely worth considering if we plan on abusing our travel budget any further.


So there it is. The reason it might take a few days to find our rhythm here at home.


4 Responses to “rhythm”

  1. 1 Jo

    Wow! What a fantastic looking trip! Such beautiful pics xo

  2. amazing! xxoo

  3. 3 Ilse Zandstra

    so many good memories of an amazing time together.

  4. It looks magical. Really really beautiful. And fun. Lucky you.

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