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miracle fruit


We bought E a plant for Christmas. Not the first gift you’d think of for an eleven-year-old girl, but she was thrilled – because this plant is the coolest. Shortly after we arrived in Colombia, a new friend came over for dinner, bearing a gift of five small red berries. He told us that these […]



The babies are growing nicely. They spend their days in the coop and their nights inside. We bought five because I honestly didn’t think they would all survive the first few weeks. But they have, and now we have five thriving chicks! (gulp) W the farm boy: I am getting a wee bit tired of […]

I read this funny essay the other day, written by a mother turning forty. She talks about how “poison goes where poison is welcome” and “drama goes where drama is welcome”. It was a good reminder to stay above it all. With this in mind, because my sister and her kids were so psyched for […]

We have five new babies. Yes. Five. I had this brainwave that we would try again with the chickies while my sister and her kids were here.  It took a couple of trips to the pueblito down south, mostly because the chickens we wanted were not available (small, female, egg layers) and we would have […]

kids we know


I have lost my blog rhythm. My sister and her three kids are here. It is such a big treat (this is a Cholado, above). They are keen to do and try anything, so we have been able to show them all of our favourite stuff. And we have missed them… A lot! I mean, these kids […]

manzana banana


Before we left Vancouver, I was adamant about not buying bananas. I mean, we would soon be living in the tropics, where bananas would be coming out of our ears! It just did not make sense to buy bananas with a little “product of Ecuador” sticker on it. So now we are here. In bananaland. […]