manzana banana


Before we left Vancouver, I was adamant about not buying bananas. I mean, we would soon be living in the tropics, where bananas would be coming out of our ears! It just did not make sense to buy bananas with a little “product of Ecuador” sticker on it.

So now we are here. In bananaland. I think we have a tree growing in our back yard and every bunch I see at the grocery store has a little “producto de Colombia” sticker on it.

But now I miss apples.

And guess what most of the stickers say?


I do buy them sometimes, to stave off homesickness. They are easy to pop into lunches and don’t require any special peeling, pitting or seeding. And for some reason, S and W are picky eaters these days and won’t touch papaya, pineapple or guava (little monsters). So there it is: apples from home.

And yet, I was delighted last week when I went to an organic market here in Cali and found:


Apples! Teeny tiny and a bit tart, but cheap, local and organic.

We are feeling more at home every day.


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  1. 1 Hubert

    Nice and informative note. :)

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