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I have been trying to stay low-stress in this new life of ours, hoping that by being an anonymous, eccentric little family of expats, I can somehow steer clear of all of the things that used to overwhelm me at home. This week was on the busier side. I found myself running from appointments to […]

It’s almost getting old… except that now we live in a new country, we have new friends to colour! We do not have any pictures of the party, only a few marginal ones of the set up. I love that the babies are getting so big, they help. Miss E gave tying lessons: I think […]

from scratch


The Internet is an amazing source for recipes. I have been missing a few things, and was able to make them from scratch here at home. Worcestershire¬†sauce – for Caesar salads. Chai concentrate – for shakes and lattes. I won’t post the recipes here, because you can easily search Google and get a hundred good […]