from scratch


The Internet is an amazing source for recipes. I have been missing a few things, and was able to make them from scratch here at home.

Worcestershire sauce – for Caesar salads. Chai concentrate – for shakes and lattes.

I won’t post the recipes here, because you can easily search Google and get a hundred good ones. Both are now curious brown liquids in my fridge:


And then yesterday, I was at a friend’s house, learning to make a Mexican mole sauce. Again, brown:


She also taught us how to make corn tortillas. Magic.

For some reason, I have this fascination with making weird stuff (L’s maple syrup and M’s bacon come to mind). And this book still haunts me, but I can never justify the purchase:


It has recipes for graham crackers, pickles and marshmallows. All from scratch. Forget dinner and the odd (*ahem, never*) batch of cookies, I just want to bottle-up more Worcestershire… and maybe pull-off some mayo! Way cooler. Just wait until those chickens start a-layin’.

Do you think AZ would let me get a goat?


2 Responses to “from scratch”

  1. 1 Molly OCallaghan

    How r the chickens doing?

    Goats make loud noises and sing Taylor Swift songs.


    sent from my iPhone

    • 2 Megan

      so good. I love them. They are getting ugly though! All of their yellow fluff is falling out and they are growing coarse brown feathers. I’ll send pics for your kids!

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