anonymity and adventure


I have been trying to stay low-stress in this new life of ours, hoping that by being an anonymous, eccentric little family of expats, I can somehow steer clear of all of the things that used to overwhelm me at home.


This week was on the busier side. I found myself running from appointments to coffee dates to projects… and yet, having fun the entire time. I think maybe it’s the language thing: conquering the day in broken Spanish is WAY more fun than slogging through a day of errands in boring-old-English. And maybe I feel like I can screw-up here: because we won’t be here forever, I can bail and embarrass myself and wear whatever I want and it won’t mean anything to anybody. I am anonymous and embracing the freedom that comes with it.

Except, at one point this week, I sat down to finally type-up a proper phone list (you know, to stick beside the phone) and found that we have built-up a whole network of dentists, doctors, friends, music teachers and Spanish tutors. It hit me that we really live here, and that after nine months we have managed to build up a bustling little life, full of people that I like and trust. Not exactly anonymous.


AZ and I bought our first house and had E when we were both pretty young. I remember feeling like it wasn’t real. It felt like we were playing ‘house’, and was more of an adventure than a stress load.  That is the way it feels now. We aren’t exactly anonymous, or young, but we are adventuring and experimenting and completely allowed to screw-up. We are busy and loaded with expenses and responsibilities, but not taking anything too seriously.

The chickens help with that. They are freaking hilarious.


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