I am a mom-of-three, learning to grow food, make clothes, run fast and speak Spanish. This blog helps me share information with other sewists, adventure-seekers, gardeners, stuff-makers and trail runners. Recently, it has become a way to provide updates for friends and family.

We have recently moved to Cali,Colombia. Not forever, but for a few years at least. Though we come from one of the most beautiful cities in the world (Vancouver, BC), my husband and I hope to raise our children with a greater appreciation for the world around them. That, and I am a huge travel nut. We will be able to come home for an extended visit every year, but for the most part, will be learning and experiencing as much as we can living in Colombia and travelling around South America. I hope to document some of our experiences on this blog. Comment regularly, if you can! I may get homesick.

I am left-handed and often follow instructions upside-down and backwards.

West Vancouver, British Columbia


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