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I have been trying to stay low-stress in this new life of ours, hoping that by being an anonymous, eccentric little family of expats, I can somehow steer clear of all of the things that used to overwhelm me at home. This week was on the busier side. I found myself running from appointments to […]

I have to bury my cranky posts in some happy ones. We have had some good days, including the return of AZ from over four weeks of off and on travel. He is inspired by work, but was missing us terribly of course! E and S received some excellent mid-term feedback from school and everyone […]



Thank you for all of your great notes after my last lame post, guys.  It is very nice to know that I still have friends. I try to keep this site positive, mostly because I want to remember everything that way.  That said, I also think it’s important to be honest about things too.  And, honestly? All […]

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I’ve had patchy help over the years, first when I was still working as a librarian and later when the three-baby thing got hairy and I farmed the youngest off to a crazy old lady’s house for a day a week. Now, I have help with the cleaning and laundry stuff. Yes. It rules. I’ll […]

I am late with the running update!  The ankle sprain really messed with my rhythm. I did run the Marathon.  It was beautiful and everything I had hoped for…. until about mile 21.  After over 4 weeks off, I really had no idea how I would perform OR how my ankle would hold up.  Well, […]

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This blogging thing.  I am not sure how much longer it’s going to last.  My days with the kids are different… more about pick-ups and drop-offs and fitting everything in.  We are evolving into an older family (gulp!).  And really, everything else we do you have seen before, so it seems kind of silly to […]

So I have settled a bit.  No more stressing.  AZ has this beautiful, relaxed, earthy cousin who once said about work and motherhood, “nature has a way of filling up space”.   So, basically a natural career step will present itself when we have more time to spend on it.  And if cash ever becomes a […]