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I know. My posts haven’t been very regular lately. Sorry about that. I have been busy in a good way (more about that another time). I have been hanging out with staff and spouses from AZ’s work. I seem to have more in common with the international crowd there than the mothers at the school. I […]

I have been trying to stay low-stress in this new life of ours, hoping that by being an anonymous, eccentric little family of expats, I can somehow steer clear of all of the things that used to overwhelm me at home. This week was on the busier side. I found myself running from appointments to […]

It’s almost getting old… except that now we live in a new country, we have new friends to colour! We do not have any pictures of the party, only a few marginal ones of the set up. I love that the babies are getting so big, they help. Miss E gave tying lessons: I think […]

I read this funny essay the other day, written by a mother turning forty. She talks about how “poison goes where poison is welcome” and “drama goes where drama is welcome”. It was a good reminder to stay above it all. With this in mind, because my sister and her kids were so psyched for […]

manzana banana


Before we left Vancouver, I was adamant about not buying bananas. I mean, we would soon be living in the tropics, where bananas would be coming out of our ears! It just did not make sense to buy bananas with a little “product of Ecuador” sticker on it. So now we are here. In bananaland. […]



This past Sunday, we were invited to an Argentinian-style barbecue, commonly referred to as an asado. It was a small, relaxed party, where guests milled about around an open fire pit, drinking beer and watching meat cook. Such a great concept – casual, participatory and delicious. AZ has asked for a grill for his birthday. […]



My kiddies finish school today. They get almost a full month of holiday! We will spend a couple of weeks here and a couple of weeks exploring the Caribbean Coast. AZ’s parents are here now, so the next couple of weeks will be full of more showing-and-telling and Christmassy activities. Over the past week, the kids have each […]