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It’s almost getting old… except that now we live in a new country, we have new friends to colour! We do not have any pictures of the party, only a few marginal ones of the set up. I love that the babies are getting so big, they help. Miss E gave tying lessons: I think […]



In an effort to find my ‘thing’ down here in Colombia, I have been learning as much as I can about local textile production. As some of you know, I was enrolled in design school back in Vancouver. When we moved, I withdrew from the program halfway through. I had pretty much finished the patternmaking […]

pecho con pecho


Body stamping en Español.  We have a wonderfully creative Spanish tutor.  Last week she had the kids painting themselves with themselves, using all of the words we have learned for colours and body parts.  It was funny. They stayed green for a few days afterwards. As someone who has tie-dyed more than a few friends […]

How did these come about? And when? I think about the builder, smiling in the sunshine, stamping different patterns all over town.

felted sweaters


I love them.  Armwarmers.  Some neighbourhood friends came over to make mittens last Friday.  On Saturday morning, the kiddies jumped into the scraps. The sweaters were felted in the washing machine.  Hot cycle (three times).  I put mine into a pillowcase with a bunch of balls and a tennis shoe (this helps agitate). Each sweater […]

So funny.  We are in the process of trying to make these Creepy Face Changers.  As per usual, I have bulldozed ahead and made some mistakes (cutting the mouths wrong! arg!)…  No matter, they’ll be awesome.  In the meantime, we have discovered the joy of mixing features. S with W’s eyes and mouth: Creepy, right? […]

tracing table


We had a set-up like this when I was growing up.  I think because my dad was a geography teacher and had to make maps for his students.  As a kid, I used to spend evenings tracing princess dresses out of picture books.  Nerdy? I have to do a lot of tracing for my pattern […]