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yarn bombed


Yarn Bombing is growing in popularity at our house, as an expression and an activity, referring to anything decorated with yarn.  This time, S’s hair, beautified in the back of the car on the way to the strawberry patch.  In addition to the braids, there is a finger-knit scarf tied around her head. Yes, S […]

Shirley bolero


S’s first knitting project.  It started off as a scarf, but ended up as a wee jacket for her Shirley Doll (S’s idea). We didn’t bind off properly. I found S finger-knitting in bed last night, with poor Shirley’s sweater unravelling from her little cloth body.

Lucky W.

I am relatively new to this knitting stuff.  Just over a year ago, I started knitting wee hats and slowly advanced to wee sweaters.  It isn’t as hard as I thought it would be.  As long as I keep my shoulders relaxed and stay calm through my mistakes, I really quite enjoy it (read: as […]

Niece N learned to knit at school about two years ago.   Every time she sees me knitting, she sits beside me and asks all sorts of questions.  What are you making?  Who is it for?  How long have you been working on it?  On a couple of occasions, she has pulled out her knitting and […]

handmade by Oma


Our Oma spent many months making this gorgeous crocheted blanket for us: It arrived in a Christmas box and has been used daily ever since.  I cheekily ordered “Handmade by ….” labels for her off of Etsy to encourage more of this awesomeness.  It’s so nice to have a talented Oma. Moonstitches posted about this […]

Quick update!  We got hit with the flu.  I am pretty sure it was THE flu, though we weren’t offically tested.  The day after returning from Yellowknife was spent in a feverish haze.  I think I passed out (I woke up on the bedroom floor after a treacherous trip to the bathroom)…. It was ugly […]