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The babies are growing nicely. They spend their days in the coop and their nights inside. We bought five because I honestly didn’t think they would all survive the first few weeks. But they have, and now we have five thriving chicks! (gulp) W the farm boy: I am getting a wee bit tired of […]

We have five new babies. Yes. Five. I had this brainwave that we would try again with the chickies while my sister and her kids were here.  It took a couple of trips to the pueblito down south, mostly because the chickens we wanted were not available (small, female, egg layers) and we would have […]

some sad news


Posy, Mavis and Joon are gone. Like really gone. One day last week, I woke to find little Posy, soaking wet, pecking frantically at the sliding doors. I went to put her back into the coop and found that the chicken wire had been pushed though at the bottom and Mavis and Joon had gone […]

They are like hamsters, just a little less cuddly and way less keen to hide under stuff. Mavis, Joon and Posy (or Poser, we are not sure yet) are truly “chicken” it seems – and don’t wander far from their pen – which is nice for me as I still haven’t worked up the guts […]



One of the baby chicks died. Sad, but not surprising. I think they were only a few days old. Really, so little for so much change. We had heard that chicks can die of loneliness, so I went into a bit of a panic that we would lose the other one soon, if we didn’t […]

Getting chickens was one of those things I liked to talk about, almost like a joke, half-sure that I would actually work up the nerve to do it. In theory, I love it – having the kids participate in raising birds and producing our own eggs. It was all I could think about after reading […]



I have photos to post and updates to make.  This for now.  My love, harvesting… Happy weekend to you all.