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I know. My posts haven’t been very regular lately. Sorry about that. I have been busy in a good way (more about that another time). I have been hanging out with staff and spouses from AZ’s work. I seem to have more in common with the international crowd there than the mothers at the school. I […]

from scratch


The Internet is an amazing source for recipes. I have been missing a few things, and was able to make them from scratch here at home. Worcestershire sauce – for Caesar salads. Chai concentrate – for shakes and lattes. I won’t post the recipes here, because you can easily search Google and get a hundred good […]

miracle fruit


We bought E a plant for Christmas. Not the first gift you’d think of for an eleven-year-old girl, but she was thrilled – because this plant is the coolest. Shortly after we arrived in Colombia, a new friend came over for dinner, bearing a gift of five small red berries. He told us that these […]

manzana banana


Before we left Vancouver, I was adamant about not buying bananas. I mean, we would soon be living in the tropics, where bananas would be coming out of our ears! It just did not make sense to buy bananas with a little “product of Ecuador” sticker on it. So now we are here. In bananaland. […]



This past Sunday, we were invited to an Argentinian-style barbecue, commonly referred to as an asado. It was a small, relaxed party, where guests milled about around an open fire pit, drinking beer and watching meat cook. Such a great concept – casual, participatory and delicious. AZ has asked for a grill for his birthday. […]

to market


I never thanked Diego and Leah for their mango ideas. We have a whole other tree on its way, so I will be sure to use them. Thank you! Halloween and NYC sort of got in the way, I think. For the most part, Cali grocery shopping takes place in grocery stores, like home. My […]



Two mango trees. One is dumping beautiful mangoes all over the ground and the other looks like it’s going to fall over from the weight of mangoes still to come.  We have been giving lots away and making stuff to keep.  First up, mango pineapple jam: Next, margaritas…. OUTSTANDING (AZ might have to fill us in on […]