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Sing You Home


A week or two ago, I received an email from the Vancouver International Writers Festival, asking if I would be willing to review a book for them (How COOL is that?!).  I replied ‘yes’ and Simon and Schuster sent me a shiny new hardcover to read! Anyhow.  I am embarrassingly late posting this review, because Jodi Picoult will be […]

Stone Fox


Looking for a good family read?  Or a good cry maybe?  E and W held it together… the rest of us? Not so much.

Anita Lobel


The Seamstress of Salzburg is a beautifully illustrated story about a young seamstress, pushed beyond her limits to make beautiful dresses for the wealthy women of Salzburg.  As a kid, I would check this book out of my school library over and over again. I found a copy a few years ago, while working as […]

E and I had a party at the library yesterday.  She came home with the Little House Cookbook and Lemony Snicket DVD.  I came home with this: Do you remember AZ’s Golf Shpants?  Look, real ones: And where can I wear this?  Is there time to make one before Christmas festivities start? And another thing […]

Every so often, I’ll go on a little library catalogue shopping spree, placing requests for a million different books on a million different topics.  Last week, I managed to order a stack of books on the following:  clothing of the 1950s, 60s and 70s, home canning, Greek costume (more on that later) and jam-making.  Where to start? […]

For the past few months, I have been putting more effort into being a good little community participant.  That was my resolution in September.  So, I volunteered for a few things… which snowballed into a few more things (gulp).  The good thing about volunteering is that you can take-on jobs you LIKE doing and do […]



I have been working a bit lately.  Though family life is calmer when I don’t, my job fits in pretty well.  It is five minutes from my house, it pays well, I only have to work three hours at a time and I work evenings, so AZ can get home to be the dinner/bedtime guy […]