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I have raved about the school already. The kiddies are insanely busy swimming, playing fútbol, doing homework, going on field trips and preparing for assemblies and concerts. The best part is that, though they collapse into bed every night, they love it. A couple of days ago, I had all three kids jumping into their […]

costumed ones


Halloween! Our condominium complex is having a party tonight. Thirty-three houses, with maybe half of them inhabited by trick-or-treaters. Actually, I am still not sure if there will be trick-or-treating (this would have been a really good question for a mom to ask, leading up to Halloween). Our neighbours across the street have only recently moved from […]

I have to bury my cranky posts in some happy ones. We have had some good days, including the return of AZ from over four weeks of off and on travel. He is inspired by work, but was missing us terribly of course! E and S received some excellent mid-term feedback from school and everyone […]



Thank you for all of your great notes after my last lame post, guys.  It is very nice to know that I still have friends. I try to keep this site positive, mostly because I want to remember everything that way.  That said, I also think it’s important to be honest about things too.  And, honestly? All […]

board games


I’ve had patchy help over the years, first when I was still working as a librarian and later when the three-baby thing got hairy and I farmed the youngest off to a crazy old lady’s house for a day a week. Now, I have help with the cleaning and laundry stuff. Yes. It rules. I’ll […]

and we study


W and S’s summer camp finished yesterday. It seems that many Caleños know enough English to make it easy for us to cheat (you know, get by without Spanish). S an W like to talk about how “everyone knows English”, so they don’t even have to learn Spanish (ack!!). Except they did learn a few Colombian folk songs… so […]

like dogs


I think everyone will be happy when we stop this moving business. AZ left two months ago, so I have been working my babies like dogs, prepping the house: and getting them to parent each other: Good, I suppose, but it would be much nicer if we could have AZ with us. Though, Skype-AZ is […]