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tree in a pot


We haven’t been able to find a cut tree here in Cali – only potted or plastic. So, rather than hitting-up a local nursery for a new potted plant, we were lucky enough to find a reasonable option already sitting in the backyard. It’s a funny shape, but the perfect density. I have written about […]



We debated whether or not to ship our stuff from Vancouver. It was expensive and, for people who like to travel light, it was tempting to pick up and move to Colombia with only the bare necessities (bohemian, minimalist, mattress-on-the-floor type-living). Our choices were to sell our crap, store our heirlooms and haul ten fully […]

lolling about


The hammock in our “living room” is very popular.  Especially on these relaxed summer days. Summer Camp starts on Tuesday.  The kids are pretty keen to make some friends.

and we made it


We made it.  It felt like a long process, preparing to move and saying goodbye to all of our loved ones.  AZ moved nine weeks before me and the kids, so I was treated to all kinds of dinners and coffees and parties and childcare as I packed and closed-up our life in Vancouver.  It […]

Carrots, chard, french onions, spaghetti squash…  plus a few other things.  Yes, I planted vegetables, then rented out the house for two months.  Our renters watered. How nice is that?! We have been living outside (ignoring the unpacking to do inside!), enjoying the flowers, climbing trees, running in the sprinkler and embracing the heat.  It’s good […]

So, I have gone and sprained my ankle.  Four key weeks before my big race.  I am trying to stay calm and think of it as an abnormally long taper.  I have been visiting a physiotherapist, water running, popping arnica tablets and donning an ice-pack for many hours during the day. I am fairly confident […]

I am embarrassed to admit that my window garden bombed.  The plants bolted.  I am a seed-waster.  I have emailed AZ at work just now, asking him to dig up that how-to sheet (OK, OK, I will be a responsible information sharer). I will post about this again in a day or two. On a house beautification […]