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I read this funny essay the other day, written by a mother turning forty. She talks about how “poison goes where poison is welcome” and “drama goes where drama is welcome”. It was a good reminder to stay above it all. With this in mind, because my sister and her kids were so psyched for […]

kids we know


I have lost my blog rhythm. My sister and her three kids are here. It is such a big treat (this is a¬†Cholado,¬†above). They are keen to do and try anything, so we have been able to show them all of our favourite stuff. And we have missed them… A lot! I mean, these kids […]

this lives here


Amazing, right? Sometimes they have eighty-eights, sometimes eighty-nines (or sixty-eights). One day last month, there were at least six of them, flying around the compound pool. Diaethria neglecta.



This past Sunday, we were invited to an Argentinian-style barbecue, commonly referred to as an asado. It was a small, relaxed party, where guests milled about around an open fire pit, drinking beer and watching meat cook. Such a great concept – casual, participatory and delicious. AZ has asked for a grill for his birthday. […]



In an effort to find my ‘thing’ down here in Colombia, I have been learning as much as I can about local textile production. As some of you know, I was enrolled in design school back in Vancouver. When we moved, I withdrew from the program halfway through. I had pretty much finished the patternmaking […]

the visit


A lot of activity over here… a four-day trip to Salento and a lot of showing-and-telling around Cali. Mom, Dad and P have been great sports, eager to learn and try everything. P, especially, has been a champ, jumping into rivers, braving thunderstorms and tasting whatever we stick in front of her. I think/hope they […]

My mom and niece P are here. So excellent, and nice to know that everything just picks up where we left off… My dad arrives on Sunday. E, especially, is glad to have her beloved friend around. They are so natural together, staying up late to swim and chat, making plans and projects… No more […]