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I am taking an art class (Illustration and Design).  I was nervous about this one because it requires intangible skills like creativity and imagination.  For my sewing and pattern drafting classes, I have to listen well, be precise and complete large amounts of homework.   For this one, I have to draw (eek!) and prove inspiration.  Thankfully, I […]

quilted gifts


How awesome is this??: Not my sewing, the idea.  I borrowed Joelle Hoverson’s Last-minute Quilted and Patchwork Gifts over a month ago.  I keep renewing it to drool over the projects. The greatest thing about this project is that the girls were able to help so much: digging through the box of pencil crayons for […]

one of two


Here is E’s dress.  It was inspired by this library find and the illustrations in this book: I mangled the trim around the neckline and should probably fix it one day. The shoes are from this shop near my house.  They are closing down in a few days and are having a huge sale.  I […]

For the past few months, I have been putting more effort into being a good little community participant.  That was my resolution in September.  So, I volunteered for a few things… which snowballed into a few more things (gulp).  The good thing about volunteering is that you can take-on jobs you LIKE doing and do […]



I have been working a bit lately.  Though family life is calmer when I don’t, my job fits in pretty well.  It is five minutes from my house, it pays well, I only have to work three hours at a time and I work evenings, so AZ can get home to be the dinner/bedtime guy […]