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The babies are growing nicely. They spend their days in the coop and their nights inside. We bought five because I honestly didn’t think they would all survive the first few weeks. But they have, and now we have five thriving chicks! (gulp) W the farm boy: I am getting a wee bit tired of […]

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So the enormity of this move is hitting me… us. Vancouver is three flights away and my kids miss their cousins and friends. AZ and I have recently realized that we might only have a couple of friends who we don’t pay to hang out with us (the housekeeper, Spanish tutor and ball boy at […]

Sun hats mostly. Other stuff is coming! For the most part though, I am chopping the legs and sleeves off of the clothes we brought. I went “summer clothes” shopping before we left Vancouver (and even bought a couple of “summer sweaters”). Oh my goodness. I did not buy the right stuff. T-Shirts are too […]


They aren’t really babies anymore.   W has started full-day Kindergarten. We have entered a whole new phase of familyhood.  I love it.  Really, I panicked last year, but have managed to arrange my time so that I am moving forward with my own thing, but am still able to devote myself to my loves. […]

Despite the south facing window, my little salad bottles are starving for sun and warmth.  Particularly warmth.  We keep our house pretty cold, so I think we’ll stick with growing sprouts for now.  At least until I get sorted out for a proper hydroponics window farm.  Sorry to tempt you with that idea guys.  By […]

I have been working on an everyday skirt.  Something to wear that isn’t jeans. AZ has to come home to take photos, because I would like to show off Draft 1 vs. Draft 2. For now, you get a shot of the sewing place, where I get to listen to CBC and my sweet lovelies […]