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a happy place


So the enormity of this move is hitting me… us. Vancouver is three flights away and my kids miss their cousins and friends. AZ and I have recently realized that we might only have a couple of friends who we don’t pay to hang out with us (the housekeeper, Spanish tutor and ball boy at […]



I am taking an art class (Illustration and Design).  I was nervous about this one because it requires intangible skills like creativity and imagination.  For my sewing and pattern drafting classes, I have to listen well, be precise and complete large amounts of homework.   For this one, I have to draw (eek!) and prove inspiration.  Thankfully, I […]

I have been working on an everyday skirt.  Something to wear that isn’t jeans. AZ has to come home to take photos, because I would like to show off Draft 1 vs. Draft 2. For now, you get a shot of the sewing place, where I get to listen to CBC and my sweet lovelies […]

I can’t stand it.  These Folkwear patterns are so much fun… I ordered a kimono and vest pattern about a week ago (trying to convince the girls to be Japanese princesses for Halloween).  It arrived today, with a catalogue that is even more fun to browse than the website.  Must… not… shop… online.

It’s Heaven!  Everything is where I want it to be and I don’t have to pack it all away at the end of the day. We installed some Ikea kitchen cabinets into what used-to-be a big closet.  AZ is making some cupboard doors, so they’ll look craftsman made, rather than Swedish-made (or designed or whatever).  […]

quilted gifts


How awesome is this??: Not my sewing, the idea.  I borrowed Joelle Hoverson’s Last-minute Quilted and Patchwork Gifts over a month ago.  I keep renewing it to drool over the projects. The greatest thing about this project is that the girls were able to help so much: digging through the box of pencil crayons for […]

sewing kit


For over a year, I used a canvas bag to house my sewing supplies.  This would seem a perfectly reasonable method for storing needles and scissors, but for me it was not.  I threw all sorts of garbage in there.  I couldn’t find anything and I stuck myself with errant pins on a regular basis.  […]