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The babies are growing nicely. They spend their days in the coop and their nights inside. We bought five because I honestly didn’t think they would all survive the first few weeks. But they have, and now we have five thriving chicks! (gulp) W the farm boy: I am getting a wee bit tired of […]

I read this funny essay the other day, written by a mother turning forty. She talks about how “poison goes where poison is welcome” and “drama goes where drama is welcome”. It was a good reminder to stay above it all. With this in mind, because my sister and her kids were so psyched for […]



In an effort to find my ‘thing’ down here in Colombia, I have been learning as much as I can about local textile production. As some of you know, I was enrolled in design school back in Vancouver. When we moved, I withdrew from the program halfway through. I had pretty much finished the patternmaking […]



We arrived home late last night. The babies were at school by 7:15 this morning. The dog has been picked up, W and I have been to speech therapy and E and S are just now getting acquainted with their new violin teacher.  Talk about jumping back into the deep end!  Everyone is a bit crusty (myself included), […]



A sweet visit with my parents and sisters… The race was canceled. It was a good decision. I had been in denial for those few days before, telling myself that the damage wasn’t so bad and that New Yorkers wanted us there as a symbol of spirit and resiliance. We double checked our hotel booking […]



All Hallows’ Eve and the night before I fly to New York City to run the marathon. I hope. My sisters and parents are meeting me there to cheer me on. I have some guilt about touristing around a town so soon after a hurricane… but really, I have been training for and looking forward to this for […]

Tres Cruces


A hike we did early on. Cookin’ hot, but a good Caleño thing to do. Summer Lovin’ liked being out with us, that’s for sure. A chapel and workout area, side-by-side at the base of the crosses (also, the standard juice and mango viche vendors, not shown here): Summer is not getting nearly the mountain time, […]